Why Buy This Book?

There are numerous reasons to purchase this book:

  • a poorly designed office can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years
  • construction is EXPENSIVE; learn how to save time and money
  • this may be your first dental office project but the author has designed and built 685+ offices
  • after reading you will better understand the process and issues when designing, building, or renovating
  • the book costs less then one unnecessary change order from your builder
  • poorly planned projects can end up in a dispute – this book costs less then a lawyer’s hourly charge; buy the book – save legal fees
  • this guidebook contains hundreds of things you’d never think of but NEED to know; learn the easy way
  • you’ll be a better informed consumer when hiring a designer or builder
  • learn to avoid devastating mistakes
  • life is too short to work in an old dental office; you, your staff and your patients deserve a new facility – make it a rewarding experience
  • using just one tip should pay for the book – the other 1000 tips are free
  • most dental offices cost more then $400,000 to build and equip, this idea packed book is less than 1/20th of 1% of the typical build-out cost – a bargain