Client Reviews

what our readers an clients have said

Patrick Crowley has produced a masterpiece! This essential work is guaranteed to save valuable time, money, and most importantly, sanity. Dentists embarking on remodeling or construction projects will forever be grateful to the words of wisdom found in this book.
Gary B. Toubman, D.M.D., Newington, CT

I just purchased the book, LOVE IT!!
Dr. Lisa McGriff-Metz, Pearland, TX

I was lost in the design process. I decided to do Patrick Crowley’s 2nd opinion review service. Part of that service required me to complete on office design survey which detailed what our our office needs were.  Just upon reviewing the design survey I realized how in the world is it possible to design an office for someone and not ask all these questions prior to the design process. Mr. Crowley has done more in 2 weeks than my last design team accomplished in the previous 8 months. I feel good again about the design process.
Dr. Kevin J. Ison, Cincinnati, OH

You have saved me thousands of dollars – many thanks!!!!
Dr. Byron Sansom, DDS, Mammoth Lakes, CA

I got your book and used it to open our second office, way under budget!
Tim Crist, DDS, Houston, TX